Happy 1st Birthday INOW! 

We can’t believe it. One blink and it has already been one year since the opening of the INOW Program back in July 2020. Ideally, to celebrate such a milestone we would love to hold a big birthday party – as many of our guests know first hand, there’s nothing we love more at INOW than a hearty gathering of friends – but with the COVID pandemic ongoing we will have to postpone the party for another day. 

Instead, here is a small present to you, the participants of INOW past and future, who feel more like family than guests, without whom we as a program could not exist. Starting this month we want to welcome you to the INOW Newsletter, our platform for sharing the ongoings of Kamikatsu, and updates about the program as we expand into different projects around the village and beyond.

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Periodically we will share our INOW stories, and we encourage YOU to send in your memories, photographs, and insights etc. from your time with us, or from any personal projects you are working on in your own lives right now.

We’d love to feature you all! As always, the best part of INOW is the collaborative aspect of it. We’ve always said, once you join INOW you can always come back to Kamikatsu.

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