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Linda and Kana are two Canadians living in Kamikatsu, the famous “zero-waste” village in Japan. Kamikatsu is famous for its comprehensive recycling system, where 80% of all the waste produced in the village is recycled into a whopping 45 different categories.

But there’s more to life in this tiny mountainside village beyond just environmental consciousness. Come dive into what it’s really like for two foreigners living in the Japanese countryside. Get ready to sip some tea (we recommend the Kamikatsu speciality, awa bancha!) while we spill the tea.

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Happy 1st Birthday INOW! 

We can’t believe it. One blink and it has already been one year since the opening of the INOW Program back in July 2020. Ideally, to celebrate such a milestone we would love to hold a big birthday party – as many of our guests know first hand, there’s nothing we love more at INOW…

INOW いのう

We are a local organization that acts as a bridge between visitors and Kamikatsu. INOW serves to integrate our guests directly into the community.

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