Purpose of the INOW Program

The INOW mission is to build a community of conscious thinkers, by acting as a bridge between Kamikatsu and the world, in connecting ideas old and new in the creation of a sustainable future for all.

The INOW way is crafting educational and transformative travel experiences that help individuals reflect on their potential to create a positive impact on themselves and the planet. The INOW program facilitates individual learning journeys aimed at encouraging our participants to explore, reflect, and, through experience, discover their own understanding of what is zero waste and sustainability.

This program also aims to provide each participant with new insights by integrating them into a community so they can understand the challenges and opportunities of living in the countryside. Participants will learn from various teachers during the duration of the program, as well as share experiences with locals.

We hope participants will have a greater awareness of environmental issues and share in the development of a zero-waste lifestyle and mindset.




このような参加者自らの価値観や人生観を変えるツーリズムを「トランスフォーマティブ・ツーリズム(Transformative Tourism)」と呼び、当プログラムでもゼロ・ウェイストをコンセプトとして参加者が普段の暮らしと違う視点、環境に身を置くことで新たな発見や気づきを得、自己理解を深めることを目的としている。 当社としては、参加者自らがより自分のバランスを理解することで、自らが必要な物の量を知ったり、手作りする楽しさを実感することで一人一人の環境問題への意識の改革にもつながると信じており、これによって「ごみを出さない人づくり」やゼロ・ウェイストマインドを共有できる人材の育成を目標としている。

Program Structure

The program participants will experience Kamikatsu through various workshops and activities. The contents of the program will be customized according to the interests of the participants and the seasonality of the activities.

  • Farming experience with organic farmers (e.g. planting or harvesting crops)
  • Tour of the recycling centre, which is the focal point for garbage separation
  • Learn about zero-waste businesses and sustainability efforts in Kamikatsu
  • Cooking workshop using local and seasonal ingredients
  • Nature tours to mountains and waterfalls
  • Arts and crafts workshops with local artisans
  • Interviews and lectures with people involved in the zero-waste policy in Kamikatsu
  • Learning about traditional lifestyles and ways of living

Program contents are tailored to the individual requests of the guest and the seasonality of activities.

Participation Fee

① Long program: 1 Week (6-day program, 7-nights)
Please inquire about the fee.

  • Custom program creation and guiding for 6 days
  • 7 nights of accommodation in a beautiful renovated traditional farmhouse
  • One meal per day (including dinner on your first night’s arrival before the program starts)
  • Translation if needed
  • Transportation within the village to all the activities
  • Membership to use the volunteer taxi service in Kamikatsu for up to one year

② Short Program: 2 Days (2-day program, 2-nights)
Please inquire about the fee.

  • Custom program creation and guiding for 2 days (accommodation not included)
  • One meal per day
  • Translation if needed
  • Transportation within the village to all the activities
  • Membership to use the volunteer taxi service in Kamikatsu for up to one year

Group Program (5+ people)

If you are looking for educational programming (high school or universities etc.), guiding for organizations or companies etc. please inquire directly for more details.

What’s Not Included in the Price of all INOW Programs

  • Transportation to and from Kamikatsu (taxi services are available, please send us an inquiry)
  • Personal insurance (all guests must carry personal insurance) Please note that travel or national insurance is mandatory


Guests are provided with 1 meal/per day. Meals are prepared with a focus on seasonal and local ingredients.

Long Program (only): For an additional fee of 4,000 JPY/per day, breakfast and dinner can be provided for a set number of days or the entire duration of the program.

INOW can accommodate various dietary restrictions and intolerances including vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and others. Please provide notice at least 2 weeks in advance for dietary requests.


Traditional renovated 2 floors, Japanese-style farmhouse.
The farmhouse also comes with a fully equipped kitchen to make meals in.

First floor: kitchen, two baths, 2 toilets (one outdoors); traditional cooking with ‘kamado’ and ‘irori’

Second floor: two ‘tatami’ (bamboo floor) rooms with dividers; 1 small private room


① ロングプログラム 1週間(7泊6日プログラム)

  • カスタムプログラムの作成とガイド(6日間
  • リノベーションされた美しい伝統的な農家での7泊分の宿泊費
  • 1日1回の食事(プログラム開始前の初日到着時の夕食を含む)
  • 村内のすべてのアクティビティへの送迎
  • 上勝町ボランティアタクシー利用権(最長1年間)

② ショートプログラム 2 日間(2 泊 2 日のプログラム)

  • カスタムプログラムの作成とガイド(2日間)(宿泊費別)
  • 1日1食の食事
  • 村内のすべてのアクティビティへの送迎
  • 上勝町ボランティアタクシー利用権(最長1年間)




  • 上勝までの交通費(タクシーもございますので、お問い合わせください。)
  • 海外旅行傷害保険または国民健康保険への加入が義務付けられています。





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