The INOW team is made up of three individuals passionate about immersive educational, cultural, and natural experiences. Our team is experienced in organizing and facilitating programs in Kamikatsu, with unrivalled knowledge of local culture and heritage.

Linda Ding: Originally from Canada, Linda moved to Kamikatsu in 2019 after initially coming to the village on a writer’s retreat, but having fallen in love with the beautiful village she decided to stay. Since then, Linda has been committed to sharing all the gifts this wonderful place has to offer with guests from all over the world, guiding and passing on the knowledge she has been blessed to learn.

As a guide, Linda is happy to spend time sharing her passion for writing, or showing you where to catch the stars at night, or the best places to swim in the river. She is always down to take long hikes into the mountains that she loves. Linda believes in life you only have one moment, and that moment is now, so if you can be content right now that is enough. She is always happy to listen and believes good communication is the key to comfort and ease. Please feel free to reach out if there is anything you need!

Kana Watando: Kana was born and raised in Canada. Her mother is Japanese and her father is from Hong Kong. She moved to Kamikatsu in 2020 to learn about rural lifestyles in Japan. Kana finds inspiration from nature and the people around her in Kamikatsu. Through the INOW program, she hopes to contribute to the preservation and regeneration of the village’s environment and culture. Her favourite moments in Kamikatsu are farming with locals and learning how they live with nature.

Kana has diverse experiences studying and working in different countries, which has allowed her to work closely with people of different languages and cultures. She completed a Master of Science in Sustainability and Tourism Management. Kana cares deeply about climate action, sustainable development, and education. What she loves most is the diversity in the world!

Terumi Azuma: Born and raised in Kamikatsu, Terumi is the chef and owner of Cafe polestar, a Zero Waste accredited business in Kamikatsu. Her mother, Hitomi Azuma, was one of the founding members of the Zero Waste program in Kamikatsu, and her passion for sustainability became a great inspiration in Terumi’s life.

What Terumi loves about Kamikatsu is that despite it being such a small town, there are so many possibilities. With this in mind, it shows that we can truly change anything we want. For Terumi, zero waste means finding the balance between how we use our time, effort, and money without using any of those resources wastefully.

Our Teachers

There are many teachers who will provide guidance during the program.

Currently, homestays are only available in English. If you are interested in guiding in Japanese, please contact us.


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