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Our team is made up of a small group of individuals who are passionate about facilitating immersive educational, cultural, and natural experiences.

Our team is experienced in organizing and facilitating programs in Kamikatsu for educational institutions, companies, media, and travelers. In collaboration with our community teachers, we share unrivaled knowledge of local culture and heritage, and Kamikatsu’s ambition as a zero-waste town.


Terumi Azuma | 東 輝実

Born and raised in Kamikatsu, Terumi is the chef and owner of Cafe polestar, a Zero Waste accredited business in Kamikatsu.

代表社員 徳島県上勝町出身。関西学院大学総合政策学部在学中よりルーマニアの環境NGOや、東京での地域のアンテナショップ企画のインターンを経験。大学卒業後、上勝町へ戻りRDNDを起業。

Kana Watando | 渡戸香奈

Kana was born and raised in Canada. Kana has diverse experiences studying and working across Europe and Asia. She moved to Kamikatsu in 2020.


Sil Van de Velde | シル ヴァンデヴェルデ

Sil is born and raised in Belgium. Previously he worked in education, communications, and research with a focus on conservation and development.


Natsuki Nakahara | 仲原 菜月

Natsuki spent a month in Kamikatsu and assisted in the preparation of the zero-waste town plan. Since then, she has continued to work as an online intern, participating in meetings and recording minutes.


Linda Ding | リンダ・ディング

Linda moved to Kamikatsu in 2019 and co-founded INOW in 2020. In 2023, Linda moved to Tokyo and continues to support INOW. If there are opportunities to bridge Tokyo and Kamikatsu, please reach out to us!


INOW いのう

We are a local organization that acts as a bridge between visitors and Kamikatsu. INOW serves to integrate our guests directly into the community.


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