Let’s Go Home!

INOW (pronounced eno) means let’s go home! in the local dialect. INOW Program invites you to experience the feel of home in the heart of the famous Zero Waste Village of Japan.

INOW (イノウ) とは、地元の方言で「家に帰ろう!」という意味です。INOWプログラムでは、ゲストに地域に溶け込んでもらい、長期にわたって地元の人たちと一緒に暮らすことで、上勝の人たちとの出会いの機会を得てもらいたいと考えています。



Welcome to Kamikatsu

Nestled amongst the cedar forested mountains of Shikoku Island is a tiny village with a big reputation. Known for being the first village in Japan to make a declaration for Zero Waste, and listed as one of Japan’s 100 Most Beautiful Villages, there is something undeniably special about this place.


INOW Program

The INOW program is an educational experience-based program with the idea that we’re not just inviting people to come to Kamikatsu as tourists but to actually experience what life is like for a local resident. By living side by side with locals for an extended period of time, we hope you’ll be inspired to think about sustainability in a different way.


Our Services

As international travel rebounds, we’re welcoming more English-speaking guests to Kamikatsu, INOW is crafting new experiences that allow us to cater to more individuals and groups. Please see below for some of our services.

Private Experiences
We arrange private experiences for individuals, couples, and small groups of up to 4 people. We offer programs of couple hours to a couple of days!

Study Tours & Research
Educational offerings including customized programs for high school, universities, and research students.

INOW facilitates translation, interpretation, media requests, and other services in English, Japanese & Dutch.


Awa Bancha | Summer 2023

July & August 2023: Nestled deep in the village of Kamikatsu is a centuries-old tradition. Every year, during the height of summer in July and August, tea grown in the mountains is hand-picked and fermented.

This unique process involves gathering tea leaves in the mountains, then preparing the tea leaves for a month-long fermentation.

Experience Awa Bancha this summer season with us! Try picking the tea leaves and learn about the process of fermentation. E-mail us to inquire about programs and availability.


The program you created is something great. I’m impressed of how you have thought about all angles in a holistic way, and have made it a very solid experience and movement.
– Guest from France

Thank you very much for welcoming me as Kamikatsu local. I feel so grateful that I could have that opportunity in this period of time while searching my future. Wish you all the best and I will be back for sure.
Guest from Japan

INOW いのう

We are a local organization that acts as a bridge between visitors and Kamikatsu. INOW serves to integrate our guests directly into the community.


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