Let’s Go Home!

イノウ (pronounced eno) means let’s go home! in the local dialect. INOW Program invites you to experience the feel of home in the heart of the famous Zero Waste Village of Japan.


Welcome to Kamikatsu

Nestled amongst the cedar forested mountains of Shikoku Island is a tiny village with a big reputation. Known for being the first village in Japan to make a declaration for Zero Waste, and listed as one of Japan’s 100 Most Beautiful Villages, there is something undeniably special about this place.


INOW Program

The concept of INOW is simple: come experience Kamikatsu as a local.
INOW is your home in Kamikatsu.


INOW Program

The INOW program is a homestay program with the idea that we’re not just inviting people to come to Kamikatsu as tourists but to actually experience what life is like for a local resident.

By living side by side with locals for an extended period of time, we hope you’ll be inspired to think about sustainability in a different way.




Program Structure

The program participants will stay in Kamikatsu Town for 10 days and experience the following workshops and other activities in Kamikatsu. The contents of the program will be customized according to the interests of the participants and the seasonality of activities.



Farming experience with organic farmers
有機農家による農業体験 (例:植え付けと収穫)

Participating at the garbage station

Arts and crafts workshop with local artists

Apply for the INOW Program

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Initial inquiry

Fill our [application form] and tell us about your interest in our program. Please fill out the form below. If two or more people are applying together please fill out a separate form for each person (Please mention on all the forms who else is in your same party).

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